In the heat of the summer, middle of July, several shiny white inflorescences erupted from the scorching ground. The sea squill (Urginea maritima) and Urginea undulata had started to bloom. Autumn flowers have appeared early this year; some of them could be seen across the country already in June.
The sea squill is a geophyte belonging to the family Asparagaceae, and it flowers in autumn, before the rainy season. According to Hareuveni, when the days begin to shorten and the vegetation is covered by dew, blooming begins, usually around Tu B'Av – mid-August. To our big surprise, the first inflorescences this year appeared in the Menashe garden of medicinal plants already in Sivan– late June, although the reason for this is still unclear.

Urginea maritime, Urginea undulate