Constructions at the Entrance
Construction work along the garden’s circular path began during the Passover holiday and is expected to be completed by the end of June. These activities are part of the Steinhardt National Collections of Natural History building construction, neighboring the Botanical Garden.

The Root Laboratory building is ready!
We are happy to announce that the renovation work on the Sara Racine Root-Research Laboratory building has been completed. The foliage-like color of the building reflects the trees around it and was chosen by the architect Yoram Raz to emphasize the uniqueness of this laboratory. Our gardener team is now working to restore the flower beds underneath the building, which had suffered severely during the renovation.

Closed for construction
The Tropical House is temporarily closed due to repairs taking place in the western part of the greenhouse. The tropical collection outside the building is open to visitors, and you are welcome to enjoy the spectacular blossoming of the water plants in the pond.