On January 30th our old vulture pair laid a first egg for the current breeding season. It turns out that this was the first egg to have been laid this season in any vulture breeding colony in Israel. Those of you who follow our Garden News probably remember that this pair is very fertile: last year they laid an egg that was then taken for incubation in the national incubation center for Israeli birds of prey at the Jerusalem Biblical Zoo.  The pair then laid a second egg, which was also taken for incubation. After a period of incubating a dummy egg, they received a vulture chick and raised it successfully. This is also the plan for the current year: on the 9th of February, Igal Miller from the Israeli Nature and Parks Authority took the egg for incubation and we are now waiting for the female to lay a second egg. After laying the second egg the pair will get a dummy egg, and later – a chick. It is important to note that incubation success in an incubator is higher in comparison to incubation in the parents' nest. This is why we also take the second egg for artificial incubation and don't leave it in the nest. 

vulture egg

In the photos: Alex Lifschitz stands on the nest and passes the egg to Igal Miller (right), Igal is holding the egg (left), photos: Noga Kronfeld-Schor