The Zoological Garden clinic is currently home to four red fox cubs (or kits, if we want to be perfectly correct), now one month old. Their mother gave birth to them underneath a house in the western Galilee and then abandoned them. They arrived at the clinic, only 10 days old and eyes still closed, due to the kindness of a Nature and Parks Authority ranger. Despite their young age, their dominance relationships are already clear.

The Zoological Garden keepers are also devotedly caring for three very young Syrian woodpecker nestlings, found in an abandoned nest in the Gilboa by a Nature and Parks Authority ranger. The nestlings are fed by hand and kept in incubators at 30oC. They were initially kept at 34oC, and each week we reduced the temperature by one degree. Further gentle adjustment of temperature is done according to the nestlings’ behaviour: when they are crowded together we slightly raise the temperature, and when they separate from each other and stretch their limbs, we lower the temperature.