A 40-year-old Boissier oak (Quercus boissieri) tree was seen speeding around the surrounding path mounted on a tractor. The oak, planted in 1975 in the Mediterranean scrub area, is located along the route designated for development as part of the construction of the new entrance plaza. In an attempt to protect the tree during the construction, it was decided to relocate it temporarily.
To that end, its branches were trimmed and an anti-fungal paste was applied to the stumps. The oak was dug out with as large a mass of roots as possible, and carried off on a tractor, together with another tree – the Eastern Strawberry Tree (Arbutus andrachne). Both have now been transferred to a shaded, watered and safe location in the northern part of the garden. New leaf emergence suggests that both trees have survived the transfer, and in time they will be moved once again to their new location.

Boissier Oak relocation,  photo: Kineret Manevich

Boissier Oak relocation,  photo: Kineret Manevich