We have been working recently on the precise mapping and identification of the species in the garden, many of which were planted years ago. During this project we often “rediscover” plants whose existence in the garden we weren't aware of, or which had been considered to have died years ago. Recently, when weeding and opening up the desert plots, we found several nice big shrubs of fringed Calligonum (Calligonum comosum), a sandy desert shrub, greatly resembling the white broom bush (Retama raetam, from the pea family - Fabaceae, until recently - Papilionaceae) in its general appearance, but belonging to a totally different family – the knotweed family (Polygonaceae), and differing completely in its bloom and fruit. Other findings were panicgrass (Panicum turgidum) – a perennial grass with edible seeds, Artemisia sieberi – a shrub with fragrant leaves that are been infused into herbal tea, Lasiurus scindicus, Anabasis articulate, and Salsola vermiculata. We hope for more similar pleasant findings as the mapping project progresses.