Throughout the Garden we are continuing the renovation works that are being carried out both for the welfare of animals and for the welfare of our visitors. We have started the construction works for a significant expansion of the jungle cat exhibit, which required us to find a suitable place to relocate the cormorants. We decided to try and release them onto the main grass, following an acclimation period. In order to do so, animal keeper Juan Velasques built a large and portable acclimation enclosure that can be moved to different areas in the Garden. The enclosure was placed on the main grass, and the cormorants spent a short acclimation period in it. Later, after they were released, they immediately started to enjoy swimming in our big pond that is now available to them. In the pond we have built several artificial islands on which the cormorants can rest. We are now planning to use the portable enclosure as temporary housing for our Hawaiian goose (nene) chicks and greylag goose chicks. This enclosure will allow us to move the chicks from time to time to different places on the main grass, so that their diet can be based on fresh grass.

העברת הכלוב הנייד למקומו בדשא, צילום: הדר יוסיפון

Placing the portable enclosure on the main grass, photo: Hadar Yosifon

With great sadness, but with a recognition of reality, we have said goodbye to our fallow deer. Considering their aggressiveness towards each other for many months of the year, and the need to separate them due to this behavior, we realized that we needed to find them a more suitable home. In cooperation with the Israel Nature and Parks Authority, the deer were moved to Hai Bar Carmel.  We wish them a good, long, and peaceful life there. In the area that they had occupied we are now planning to build a desert aviary that will be connected to the ibex exhibit, and thus provide a more spacious exhibit for all the desert animals. We have already started to renovate the western path of the Garden. The path is being re-planned to take into consideration the renovated exhibits of the ibex and the planned desert aviary. The restructuring of the restrooms (an accessible restroom and a standard restroom) next to the gate between the Zoological Garden and the Botanic Garden has now been completed and the restrooms can be used by our visitors.  

reconstructions on the western path