In mid-February we received a pair of rock hyraxes from Dr Lee Koren of Bar Ilan University. The male hyrax, Dudu, was captured about three years ago as an adult in Arad, and is now about 7-8 years old. The female, Sky, is about three years old. Her mother was also captured about three years ago in Arad and was pregnant at that time, giving birth to Sky about a month later. Over the three years that Dudu had lived in Koren's laboratory he had become accustomed to the students feeding him and ran to them every morning when they came in with his salad. He liked to rub against their legs and made high-pitched sounds when spotting them in the distance. Sky is a little more timid, but has an easygoing personality.

The two get along well and were observed mating last summer. Sky was pregnant this year with three offspring, but the extremely cold nights about two weeks ago caused her to abort just before she came to our garden. We hope that the pair will mate again and that the next pregnancy will be more successful. 

The hyraxes can be observed in the cage with the glass front near the goat cage. Their cage was specially built for hyraxes several years ago by Daniel Serruya in the framework of his M.Sc. study, supervised by Prof. David Eilam. The pair of hyraxes share their cage with a pair of sand partridges and Tristram's starlings.