Shosha, a female wolf born in our Garden in January 2009, returned to us on October 2015 after years of living in the Zoological Garden of Abu-Kabir. From the age of four weeks to six months, Shosha grew up in the home of the Zaslow family, in order to accustom her to people, as requested by the Abu-Kabir Garden. Shosha then lived for several years in Abu-Kabir together with a male wolf, which unfortunately died before the pair had been able to produce offspring. Now, Shosha has returned to us, in coordination with the Israel Nature and Parks Authority, in order to integrate into our wolf pack and reproduce with the dominant male. This is because in the past few years our own female has seldom given birth, and when she did – she didn't take care of the cubs. Our plan is to introduce Shosha to our dominant male, and after the two will form a stable pair they will be united with the other two wolves in the pack. We hope that our own female, which is very dominant, will accept Shosha as the alpha female in the pack. If not, our female wolf will be transferred to another zoo. In the photos: Shosha as a cub with the Zaslow family, and later in Abu-Kabir during a family visit. All photos courtesy of the Zaslow family.