A female gazelle with a plastic bag, photo: Ron Elazari-Volcani

One day, a plastic bag that had probably drifted out of one of the garbage bins in the Zoological Garden, became wrapped around one of the horns of a female gazelle from our small free-ranging herd of gazelles.

Donkeys in the Botanical Garden, Photo: Moshe Peri

When we returned from the Independence Day holiday we discovered two completely unexpected visitors in the Garden.

Photo: Ron Elazari-Volcani

One of the most difficult problems for animals in a cage is that of boredom.

An Agricultural robot, Photo: Kineret Manevich

One of the most important aspects of agriculture is the ability to accurately estimate the expected yield.

A wild rat on the hand of the researcher, Photos: Ohad Weisberg

A great deal of research has been carried out on the ability of animals to find their way around, but most of the accumulated information has come from studies on laboratory rats and under laboratory conditions.

A male and female Gila monster, Photo: Ilil Pratt

The Gila monster is a large desert lizard that lives in arid areas in the south-west USA.

A aquadcopter, Photo: Kineret Manevich

An unusual buzzing sound was heard above the treetops in the Garden. A new video clip, which is currently being produced for the University, was the cause.

The water plants in the turtle pond, Photo: Ilil Pratt

Our turtle pond continues to undergo renovation. Last summer, a variety of water and lakeshore plants from the Botanical Garden were planted along the pond banks. We have now transferred to the pond new water plants that were removed from the crocodile cages, which are being renovated to host their new inhabitants.

A chick of a yellow-legged gull,  Photo: Amir Ben Dov

At the beginning of this winter, like every winter, a flock of yellow-legged gulls that have been nesting here for several years arrived in the Zoological Garden.

Mammillaria, Photo: Yael Orgad

The hot days are a sign that  summer is almost here, the spring bloom in the Israeli plants collection is almost over and this is a perfect time to visit our succulent and cacti collection.

National training course on the ethics of working with birds, Photo: Asaf Moran

This is the third time we have held a national training course on the ethics of working with birds in ecological-behavioural research.

Zohary's Woundwort, Photo: Gavri Sion

Six new species have joined the Israeli plant collection, planted at the end of April in the desert and heavy soil plots.

Building the new entrance to the Garden, Photo: Kineret Manevich

The entrance to the Botanical Garden is sometimes blocked by tractors and trucks that are working on the new entrance platform to the Botanical Garden and The Steinhardt Museum of Natural History, which will be opened to the public in a few months.

Our jungle cats in their new home  Photo: courtesy of “Gan Hai”, Ra'anana Park

Our four young jungle cats have moved to a new home in "Gan Hai" in Ra'anana Park, where they been given a spacious and comfortable enclosure. It seems that they have acclimatized well and feel "at home" at their new location.