Among the bookshelves in the Library of Life Sciences and Medicine a mature hedgehog (Erinaceus concolor) was discovered. The library workers caught it and brought it to the Steinhardt Natural History Museum. The hedgehog is a nocturnal mammal, feeding mostly on insects and is a protected animal in Israel. The captured hedgehog was released into the Israeli plants collection in the Botanic Garden. This part of the Garden is an ecological garden that hosts a variety of animals in a semi-natural environment. 

The CAARI volunteers returned this winter and continued their important work in the Garden. During the winter, for a month and a half, these American-Canadian volunteers traveled and volunteered throughout Israel. In spite of the pouring rain the volunteers worked outdoors, in the desert plot, in the succulent collection, and in the tropical greenhouse, and continued the endless fight against the invasive Oxalis pes-caprae. This is the sixth year that CAARI volunteers have been working in the Botanic Garden. We thank them deeply for their important contribution and look forward to seeing them next year too.

CARRI  volunteers in the desert plot, photo: Tal Levanony

CARRI  volunteers in the desert plot, photo: Tal Levanony