Four weeks ago two young hares, about a month old, arrived at the Zoological Garden.

They were discovered by a farmer while working in an agricultural field in the area of Gedera. Occasionally, people discover what they think are "deserted" hare young hiding in the grass and pick them up; but these young are not deserted at all! The young hares (leverets) are precocial and their mother leaves them in the field and returns to suckle them several times a day. These young hares were simply waiting for their mother to come back…
The hares are currently housed in a very spacious cage that was a research cage in the past and is now being modified as an exhibition aviary. It's about 200 square meters and is filled with soil and a variety of plants, but the hares prefer to spend a great deal of their time on the concrete step that encircles the cage, hidden beneath the jute sheet adjacent to the fence. The hares are not yet on display to visitors but will be so after they begin to feel at home here.