In the "Official Bird of Eilat" competition that took place in June as part of a project carried out by the Eilat Bird-Watching Park, the Eilat municipality, and the city's environmental unit, the white-eyed gull (Larus leucophthalmus) won the title. This species of gull breeds only in the area of the Red Sea and the Gulf of Aden, and every year several gulls arrive in Eilat, the only place in Israel that this gull can be seen in nature.

The breeding colony of the white-eyed gull in the Zoological Garden is about 30 years old and originated from Tiran Island. Today we have about 30 gulls – a bit too crowded, so it was decided to reduce the population in the cage. The white-eyed gull is a social bird that creates small stable groups and pairs, so we needed to study the social relations in the colony before removing individual gulls. In order to understand these social relations, all the gulls were ringed using large, conspicuous leg rings, enabling us to identify individual gulls from a distance. In the coming breeding season, this July, volunteers, with the help of the Garden's staff, will observe the gulls and their social relationships in the colony.