The Caucasian squirrel in the thicket aviary, photo: Ron Elazari-Volcani

* Our Caucasian squirrel, one of the Garden's most senior tenants, has been moved to a new home – the thicket aviary. The aviary is big and spacious and provides the squirrel with a large and diverse space for his activity.

We decided to take part in a unique project led by the Israeli Plant Gene Bank. The aim of this project is to conserve Israel’s traditional ancient wheat varieties (land races).

הרחם מנסה לשבור ביצה, צילום: רון אלעזרי-וולקני

The Egyptian vulture, a bird of prey that lives in Israel and feeds on carcasses, is one of the few birds that use tools in nature.

Leontice leontopetalum tuber, photo: Roi Cividali

New leaves of Leontice leontopetalum, a geophyte with a large and deep tuber, appeared on a trail in the desert plot.

The white stork in its new home, photo: Ron Elazari-Volcani

Two wounded storks arrived at the Zoological Garden – a white stork and a black stork. The two arrived from the Wildlife Hospital at the Safari, after having been treated and rehabilitated.

Lithops in flower, photo: Moshe Peri

At the beginning of this winter a single white flower appeared on a Lithops plant. Lithopses are small unique succulents that resemble stones.

The rain has arrived and our winter puddle was almost overflowed, photo: Ron Elazari-Volcani

* This winter, as every winter, the flock of yellow-legged seagulls that nests here has arrived. Nesting has not yet begun, but occasionally you can see the seagulls' courtship behavior.

Iris atropurpurea, photo: Yuval Sapir

The Garden is in flower!
Above the kurkar (calcareous sandstone) hills of the Garden large flowers of Iris atropurpurea welcome the visitors.

Crickets in their container, photo: Daphna Lev

In the warm and cozy cricket breeding room, thousands of crickets hatch every month. Those crickets serve as food for a variety of animals in the Zoological Garden, including many animals in research systems.

Michal Gruntman’s lecture, photo: Kineret Manevich

The Plant Ecology 2018 conference took place at the end of January in the Steinhardt Museum of Natural History at Tel-Aviv University.

The seagull is freed from the wire, photo: Ron Michlin

* In November, a yellow-legged seagull landed in the Zoological Garden, his bill and legs entangled in wires and hooks.

The traveling oak, photo: Kineret Manevich

The travelling oak
The travelling oak which was transferred six months ago, has settled in nicely. Once again carried by a tractor, the oak was transplanted in a flowerbed constructed as part of the new entrance plaza. May it live long and prosper!