Photo: Michal Zaitzove-Raz

As part of a research carried out by Michal Zaitzove-Raz and Or Komai, supervised by Prof. Tamar Dayan, five Buxton's jirds were brought to the Zoological Garden – three females and two males.

Next to the eastern path of the garden, whose renovation is nearly complete, a new turtle pond has been built. The location of the pond was chosen in order to enhance accessibility to the turtles, which until now were not within the main exhibit areas, and to add content and interest to the path area.

Photo: Ilil Pratt

Our long-eared hedgehogs, a male and a female, are housed in separate cages due to their solitary nature. About three or four months ago, the keepers noticed that the male was sneaking out during the night and getting into the female's cage.

Photo: Yuval Sapir

Rumex rothschildianus (also known as Rumex aeroplaniformis) is a small dioecious annual, extremely rare, and endemic to the central coastal plain of Israel. It survives in only a few populations along the Sharon coastal strip.

Photo: Yael Orgad

During the present season we are enjoying the blooming of several crocus species in Israel. The Hermon crocus (Crocus hermoneus) blooms in the autumn, usually flowering before leaf emergence. The leaves emerge only after heavy rain, around November.

Photo: Gavri Sion

The shrub Lawsonia inermis has recently started blooming in the dye plants plot, close to the Botanical Garden's office building. It has white flowers and small roundish ball-shaped capsule fruits. The plant is better known as henna, whose dried ground leaves are used for dyeing hair and skin.

Photo: Moshe Peri

Two very large trees of Acacia xanthophloea welcome the visitors to the Botanical Garden and their shade on the main trail is much appreciated. Three trees were planted several decades ago when the garden was established, but unfortunately one of them collapsed 12 years ago.

Photo: Yuval Sapir

In the Mediterranean scrub area in the Garden there are a few hidden plots of rockery and rocky walls. Rocky habitats, cliffs and bluffs create a unique habitat which differs from its surrounding area.

Photo: Oz Rittner

Shosha, the female wolf who returned to us after living for several years in the Abu-Kabir Zoological Garden, unfortunately has failed to establish her place in the pack.

Photo: Moshe Peri

One of the highlights of the TAU Botanical Garden is the Daphna Carasso Garden of Tropical Plants. We recently established a new section in the tropical greenhouse, dedicated to utility tropical plants.