Two male ibexes horn-fighting, photo: Noga Kronfeld-Schor

Two young female ibexes, one of them perhaps pregnant, have joined our old herd of ibexes – four males and a single female that no longer comes into heat.

Our coypu, photo: Noga Kronfeld-Schor

An adult coypu arrived at the Zoological Garden at the end of the summer.

Temple of Irises, photo: Kineret Manevich

A study recently completed in the Botanical Garden dealt with the mechanisms that maintain species boundaries between the Israeli species of the Royal Irises (Iris section Oncocyclus).

Henry, the friendly bulbul, shows interest, photo: Ilil Pratt

Of all the thicket aviary inhabitants, Henry, the friendly bulbul, is the most prominent.  He welcomes whoever enters the aviary, perches on their shoulders and enjoys pecking at their beauty marks and jewellery.

Tamatix nilotica, photo: Moshe Peri

Three Tamatix nilotica trees, originating from the Yotvata area, will shortly be joining the Israel plant collection. Cuttings of the trees were brought to the Botanical Garden a few years ago, planted in the research plot, and used for genetic research.

Coexistence between ibises and gulls, photo: Ilil Pratt

About a year ago, in autumn 2016, we joined the white-eyed gull enclosure to that of the spoonbills, in order to provide them all with a large and spacious common space.

Lathyrus cassius, Photo: Gavri Sion

The natural rhythm of plant germination and growth in the wild is represented in the planting program of the Garden.

Mellisa officinalis, Photo: Yuval Sapir

The yellow horned-poppy (Glaucium flavum) is a perennial growing on the kurkar hills of the Israeli Mediterranean coast, close to the water line.

Globularia Arabica, Photo: Yael Orgad

The Botanical Garden exchanges vegetative material with other such gardens as well as with other research institutes from around the world, through an international agreement that sets standards to protect biodiversity.

Photo: Anat Gal

The birding and nature childrens’ club of the Society for the Protection of Nature in Israel's is hosted by the Botanical Garden and Zoological Garden

Moricandia nitens, photo: Gavri Sion

Desert update: In our previous newsletter we wrote about interesting new plants we had planted in the desert plot.

In the flower garden, photo: Ilil Pratt

In the flower garden, at the entrance to the Zoological Garden, we have planted a variety of bulbs, among them Mesopotamian iris, sea squill, sea daffodil, hyacinth squill, Tel-Aviv garlic, common gladiolus, and Persian cyclamen.