Three Tamatix nilotica trees, originating from the Yotvata area, will shortly be joining the Israel plant collection. Cuttings of the trees were brought to the Botanical Garden a few years ago, planted in the research plot, and used for genetic research. The growth pace of the trees was measured, following irrigation with brine, a by-product of the cheese industry at the Yotvata Dairy. Prof. Amram Eshel, Prof. Hillel Fromm and Prof. Avia Zilberstein, from the School Of Plant Sciences and Food Security, led the study. They were seeking to identify those Tamarix ecotypes that were fast-growing, short rotation and high-biomass-yielding, and could develop sustainable forests in marginal lands. Such forests could serve as sources of biomaterials and biofuel. Now that the research has been completed, the trees have been given to the Botanical Garden and they will shortly be planted in the desert plot.