Environmental enrichment - the various actions and means that are used in order to diversify the daily routine of zoo animals – has become an inseparable part of the Zoological Garden’s daily life. Our keepers are kept busy in planning, building, and implementing enrichment tools for the various animals that live in the Garden, and the results are evident. All the enrichment projects are led by the animal keeper Nava Schiller, with the help of Ron Elazari-Volcani, the Director of the Garden. In addition, as part of the University course "Research, conservation, and education in zoos", several enrichment projects have been carried out for the jackals, chameleons, agama lizards, jungle cats, Nubian ibexes, little owls, ravens, and fennec foxes. All the course's projects were planned, built, and implemented by the students who took the course, with the help of our animal keepers.

enrichment in the zoological garden