In July we had to say goodbye to one of the Canary Islands date palm (Phoenix canariensis) trees that grow in the garden. The tree was attacked by an invasive species, a large beetle called Rhynchophorus ferrugineus, whose larvae burrowed into the heart of the palm and caused its death. The attached picture shows the bald tree top, which is a prominent feature of the spread of the pest. A municipality exterminator   attempted several treatments, but unfortunately these failed to cure the infection, which usually occurs in weakened trees. It was decided to cut down the infected tree, which is located next to a main path in the garden, so that it would not pose a danger to the people walking along the path, and to try to prevent the spread of further infection.

Cutting down Canary Island Date Palm, photo: Moshe Peri

Cutting down Canary Island Date Palmת photo: Moshe Peri