Add a little salt?
The Nile tamarisk (Tamarix nilotica) from the Yotvata region, which was planted last spring in the salt marsh collection of the Garden, has become well acclimatized. Salt tolerant plant species grow in the salt marsh habitat collection, and the Nile tamarisk is adapted to high levels of salinity in the ground. To make such species feel "at home", we periodically spread salt on the plot prior to irrigation. We thereby create a suitable environment for their development, and also reduce competition by invasive weeds, which are not adapted to such harsh conditions.

Five kilograms of seeds
At the beginning of the summer, the gardeners' team gathered to separate the teff (Eragrostis tef) seeds from the sheaves that had been harvested in late spring. The tiny seeds stood out in their dark color against the bright plastic sheet used for threshing. After cleaning the chaff, a sack with numerous seeds remained,
weighing only 5 kg.

Threshing teff,  photo: Kineret Manevich