The Botanic Garden presents a green open area, sustaining a semi-natural ecological system within the bustling urban space of "Gush Dan". As such, it attracts a variety of animals, some as permanent residents and others as visitors by day or by night. Among the latter are the jackals (golden jackal, Canis aureus), which enter the garden at nightfall and usually leave at dawn.
The jackals are social and playful mammals and their visits usually result in light damage to the irrigation pipes and trampled plants. This summer, however, the jackals strayed from their usual habits and caused heavy damage: one night they entered the Tropical House and dug out the vegetation planted around one of the pools, and on another night they found their way inside the cacti shed, where they overturned pots and tore the irrigation pipes.

Many animals seek food, reproduce, and nest in the Botanic Garden grounds. The presence of wild animals in proximity to humans is a nation-wide phenomenon that is on the increase, due to the reduction in natural habitat and the reduced availability of natural food sources. The conservation of open areas and ecological corridors is therefore essential for our future coexistence.