Photo: Ofer Brill

At the end of March, two orphan badger cubs, about six weeks old, were brought to the wildlife hospital that is run by the Ramat Gan Safari Park and the Israel Nature and Parks Authority.

Photo: Ron Elazari-Volcani

As part of the Israel Nature and Parks Authority project to rehabilitate the griffon vulture population in Israel, we received four young vultures from Spain.

Photo: Gavri Sion

As a research center the Botanical Garden is involved in diverse studies of the plant world, such as various aspects of agriculture, climate change, the evolution of flowers, plant-animal interactions etc...

Photo: Claudion Dias Timm, Wikipedia

A new research system is being built in the northern part of the Zoological Garden, near the invasive birds' cage.

Photo: Gavri Sion

Citrus is a genus in the Rutaceae family, and a common term for several edible fruit belonging to this genus. The fruit is a hesperidium - a specialized berry, unique to this family.

Photo: Kineret Manevich

In mid-March the Botanical Garden's volunteers, led by the curator, assisted with the planting of new species in the desert and heavy soils sections, both part of the Israeli flora collection of the Garden.

photo: Kineret Manevich

Renovation of the Sara Racine Root-Research Laboratory will commence in the coming month.

The garden map on the Zoological Garden website in now a virtual map.

Photo: Moshe Alpert

Two jungle cats born at the zoo were handed over to Moshe Alpert at Kibbutz Afikim. Moshe is planning to use them in a film he is making and then to keep them in the kibbutz mini-zoo.