The yellow horned-poppy (Glaucium flavum) is a perennial growing on the kurkar hills of the Israeli Mediterranean coast, close to the water line. Mature plants can be found in our Israeli coastal plant collection. The Papaveraceae family, to which G. flavum belongs, contains several medicinal and poisonous plants. A few cuttings from mature plants were therefore planted in the Menashe medicinal plant collection, in a sunny flowerbed in the eastern part of the plot. 
Other seedlings of a different species, Melissa officinalis (family Lamiaceae), were planted in a more shaded area of this plot. This species is known for its relaxing properties as well as for helping the digesting system. M. officinalis is also a wild plant in Israel, growing in mesic scrub and on the banks of streams. The plants in the Botanical Garden were grown from seeds collected in the Carmel region (Nachal Oren), while seedlings of Melissa were also planted along the stream in the Israeli plant collection.