Zoos constitue cultural and educational institutes designated for the general public, as well as important scientific institutes in which diverse studies on wild animals are carried out. Today, more than ever, we understand that we, human beings, are responsible for providing zoo animals with all their needs – physical as well as mental and emotional. This understanding has led to the development of two important fields: animal welfare, and environmental enrichment as a tool for promoting animal welfare.
The new course, being offered to students in the Faculty of Life Sciences, and in collaboration with the university's Unit for Social Involvement, seeks to expose the students to various aspects of the world of zoo animals and to inculcate in them a comprehension of the crucial importance of zoos – to nature, to science, and to human beings in general.
Like other courses that are carried out with the Unit for Social Involvement, this course too includes practical work. The students work on projects directed at promoting animal welfare in the Zoological Garden. 
Forty students are currently participating in the new course; most of them are third-year B.Sc. students. They are carrying out their projects in small groups and in close cooperation with our dedicated animal keepers. The students take part in one of two types of project: planning and implementing enrichment tools; or planning a new exhibition. The students' work on their projects has just begun and we will keep our readers updated in the next "Garden News".