A recent press review, given by the Botanical Garden curator, Tal Levanony, presented the process that led to the Garden’s foundation. The Historical Jewish Press website (www.jpress.org.il), initiated by Tel Aviv University and the National Library of Israel, was the source of the articles in this review.
Noah Naftulski (1883-1974) - one of the founders of Kibbutz Kinneret and a pioneering researcher of the Israeli flora, was a pioneer in the field of irrigated agriculture, specializing in vegetables, fruit trees and ornamentals. In his later years he moved to Giva’atayim and purchased three acres of land (12,000 m²), on which he performed his experiments. Over the years, as Giva’atayim expanded, the value of his land increased significantly. Naftulski never married and had no heirs, and he decided to bequeath, while he was still alive, the majority of his assets to the foundation of a Botanical Garden in Giva’atayim. This project was never fulfilled, however, and instead part of Naftulski’s donation was dedicated to the foundation of the Tel-Aviv University Botanical Garden. The Noah Naftulski garden for Israeli native flora extends over approximately half of the Botanical Garden. This ecological garden hosts plants of various vegetative associations throughout Israel: Mediterranean woodlands, desert, coastal dunes, and more. It was established in 1975 and dedicated in his honor.