"Queen of the night" is a common name given to a number of plants from the cacti family (Cactaceae), which bloom once a year for a single night.
Selenicereus megalanthus is a cactus originating from northern South America. It is a vine plant growing in tropical forests. It has very large white flowers with multiple stamens. This plant is also known as a "yellow pitahaya" – named after its yellow sweet fleshy fruit. The genus’s Latin name - Selenicereus, means a moon-candle; and indeed the beautiful white fragrant flowers appear as if glowing in the dark. They are pollinated by bats and are believed to be the largest flowers in the cacti family.
At the beginning of September we enjoyed a short and spectacular bloom of our "Queen of the Night”, growing in the succulent section of the Botanical Garden. We can only wait and hope that she will re-appear soon.