On June 2nd, 2015 a second release took place this season of newts, which have been breeding for the second year running in the amphibian breeding colony of our Zoological Garden. Around 400 newt tadpoles and fully metamorphosed individuals were released this time, at three suitable sites, carefully chosen and near to the site of their original pond at the “Checkpost” area, near Haifa. At these sites and near to them, we had released 1,500 tadpoles two months ago, and last year around 550 individuals after metamorphosis.
In recent weeks we have monitored the area, and to our great delight we found three young individuals: two of them had only just completed metamorphosis while one looked older, about one year old. We believe that these individuals are the newts that we had released at the site and adjacent to it around two months ago as well as last year. We consider this to be so because no other newt population is known to exist in the area.

Photo: Yael Ballon

A newt discovered in the area. Photo: Yael Ballon