A new safety fence has been erected around the water pond in the Oasis (Ein Gedi) plot. The Garden’s team, led by Haim Kahalani, installed a light fence that enables comfortable and safe observation of the water plants.
Numerous tiny units of Lemna minor floating in the water create a dense green cover. This perennial plant, belonging to the Araceae family (sub. Lemnoideae), has flowers and tiny fruit and, is considered the smallest higher plant in the world. Lemna minor is distributed worldwide in freshwater bodies and slow-running streams, being transferred via the legs of aquatic birds. This small plant is also considered a utilitarian plant, being used to feed fish and livestock, as well as for the bioremediation of aquatic bodies, due to its ability to adsorb heavy metals in low concentrations.
Around the Garden’s Oasis pond several trees typical to this habitat are thriving: Ziziphus spina-christi, Balanites aegyptiaca, Cordia sinensis, all of a Sudanian chorotype.