Two very large trees of Acacia xanthophloea welcome the visitors to the Botanical Garden and their shade on the main trail is much appreciated. Three trees were planted several decades ago when the garden was established, but unfortunately one of them collapsed 12 years ago. In order to prevent events like this from happening again, the trees of the garden are monitored and treated. Acacia xanthophloea is a spiny tree originating in eastern Africa. It blooms in the fall (September-November) and its fruits ripen at the end of the winter. The tree is used in construction, furniture, medicine, and as forage.
In early December an orthopedic treatment, including support cables, trimming and pruning, was carried out on the two acacia trees. After shredding, the removed branches were used as mulch.
The TAU Botanical Garden is part of a project dedicated to protecting trees in the urban environment, run by the Forest Commissioner - Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development.